Annual Enrollment is coming soon and it's bringing ALL the commercials

Annual Enrollment is coming soon and it's bringing ALL the commercials

August 25, 2021

As we approach September it's time to remember that the Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare is coming up soon. What comes along with the Annual Enrollment Period? Commercials and lots of them. You can expect to see an increase advertising from the various insurance companies trying to get your attention. Unfortunately, you may receive unsolicited phone calls and junk mail during this time too. As your Independent Insurance Agent, I'm here to help you navigate your choices by answering questions and evaluating your plan options with you. I work with many different carriers, including the ones you see advertised, and it would be my pleasure to assist you in reviewing your current plan and comparing it to new options.

Starting on October 1st, we can begin to discuss the Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans and their benefits for 2022. From October 15th until December 7th, I can help you enroll in a new plan if you decide you would like to switch.

During this time year you can:

  • Change Medicare Advantage plans
  • Change Part D prescription drug plans
  • Leave a Medicare Advantage plan and return to Original Medicare (and take a Part D plan if you choose)
  • Choose a Part D prescription drug plan for the first time
  • Switch from a Medicare Supplement plan to a Medicare Advantage plan

Both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans provide excellent coverage in very different ways. If you would like to learn more about how each of these works and how it would differ from your current plan, please give me a call at 309-696-7933 or drop me an email at I'm already setting up my calendar for October to work with people when the new plan information is released and I'm ready to help you navigate your choices!